Being a separate part of the formidable Tasvo National Parks, Tsavo West National Park is one of the larger national parks in Kenya stretching from the north-eastern Athi River to the south-western Tanzania border.

Stretched widely over an area of 9065 sq km, Tsavo West National Park encompasses craggy wilderness, diverse landscape, rolling plains, dotted acacia woodland, natural spring and sharp outcrops look like green velvet. The park is named after Tsavo River, which flows from west to east direction.

Famously called as the “Land of Lava, Springs & Man-Eater Lions”, the park also hosts a trove of biodiversity with some of the most magnificent game viewing in the world.

Tsavo West offers wonderful views of the African Big 5 (Buffalo, African lions, leopards, and rhinos) and large herds of dust-red African elephants. The park also hosts a decent number of endangered black rhinos and the hippos can be seen flopping around in the cool waters of Mzima Springs, herds of giraffe, gerenuk, oryx, zebra, and impala range through bush and plains, as do hartebeest, lesser kudu, eland, waterbuck, Steinbuck, Kirk’s Dik-Dik and kingspringer. The Mzima Springs is also considered as the habitation of Nile crocodile. The park is also a birder’s paradise of holding 600 species of different varieties of birds.